Maple Syruping

Collecting Sap

Each spring we kickoff the maple syrup season with a program that provides an overview of our maple syruping process and volunteer orientation for those that want to help. As we start out our season, the Ney Nature Center taps over 100 trees which include a gravity line of about 20 taps. In 2016 we produced over 25 gallons of syrup and you can purchase a bottle in our office.

Since this program is very weather dependent, you can join an email list to be notified of updates.  Email info(at)neycenter(dot)org to be added to the list. This list will also be notified of the boil & bottle schedule.

When the sap flows in February and March, we set a daily schedule for sap collection and welcome anyone who would like to come help. Meet at the Ney Education building at the sap collection time indicated for that day and a crew leader will provide direction. Dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes. The trails are muddy. Hiking is involved in the sap collection. We estimate a time commitment of 3 hours depending on the amount of help we have.

On the weekends we will boil and collect sap throughout the day. Volunteers are welcome to come for the whole day or stop out when their schedule allows and help tend the fire, collect sap, skim the boil, prepare the bottles or other tasks as needed. Saturday we begin at 9:00am and Sunday at 1:00pm. We work throughout the whole day.

Thank you for your interest in our Maple Syrup Project! You are welcome to come participate or observe and visit with our volunteers.