Ney Family Log Cabin

By Josh Reinitz

The Ney Nature Center is starting a project 100_0542-300x224to restore the Ney family’s homestead cabin, which had been used recently as a barn. This cabin was built by Wilhelm Ney around 1854-1856, and is primarily hewn Maple and Basswood logs. This cabin is large for its age, measuring 24 feet by 32 feet, and the widest log in the building is 22 inches. It features original plaster, original mud daubing, sleeping loft, hewn rafters and locally sawn roof boards. The building was later converted to a horse barn, some modifications to the log walls were made, and a lean-to was added. The Ney Nature Center intends to restore the 100_0545-150x150building to its original look as a pioneer log home. The building is in fair shape and needs quite a bit of restoration work, much of which can be done by volunteers. We are currently seeking funds to help with foundation work, log restoration, and roofing. If you wish to donate to this project please send donations (specify “Log Cabin Restoration”) to the Ney Nature Center, PO Box 93, Henderson, MN 56044. This building will be a historic display and classroom space. Imagine teaching classes about pioneer life in an original log home!


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