Ney Nature Center Park Rules

The majority of the Ney Nature Center property is a preserve with public access only for guided educational programs, science studies, and low-impact activities: hiking, bird watching, snowshoeing, sight-seeing, and cross-country skiing. The policy of limited access is in keeping with the Ney family’s vision and with the long-term management of natural areas that are designated as preserves or sanctuaries.

Park Rules:

  1. The Ney Nature Center hours are from sun-up to 10:00 p.m. No overnight stays are allowed in the buildings or on the grounds.
  2. The use of alcohol or tobacco is not permitted on the premises.
  3. No hunting or discharge of any weapons is permitted.
  4. Pets must be leashed, and owners must clean up after them.
  5. No horses are allowed at the Ney Nature Center.
  6. No bicycles are allowed on Ney Nature Center trails.
  7. Visitors should park in designated parking lots only; vehicles are allowed on the trails only for maintenance purposes. Some exceptions may be made for individuals with physical disabilities.
  8. Picnics and fires are only allowed in established picnic areas and fire rings.

Information on renting the Ney Nature Center facilities may be found on our Facilites and Education Building Rental page.