2nd Annual Native Pollinator Plant Sale

Support the Ney Nature Center and encourage pollinators to your yard!

Our Annual Native Pollinator Plant Sale will start in May and go through the first week of June or while supplies last. This is the second year we have held this fundraiser, raising over $800.00 last year in 2021! The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise awareness about pollinators and their favorite plants and to help Ney raise money for programs, equipment, invasive species control, and more.

There are several benefits of planting native pollinator plants in your yard for the environment, pollinators, and you! Pollination and pollinators are crucial to increasing biodiversity, clean air, water, and soil. In addition to those, they also help provide several products and materials such as medicinal plants, food plants, oils, fats, and more. Some pollinators in Minnesota include bees, butterflies, moths, and beetles. Pollination can also occur due to wind or water carrying pollen from the anther to the stigma of flowers. Due to habitat loss, non-native species, pollution, and climate change, pollinators need our help more than ever. Support the Ney Nature Center and encourage pollinators in your yard!

Native Pollinator Plants for Sale May – June 2022

$16 for a 6-pack (1 of each plant)
$32 for a 12-pack (2 of each plant)

Plant pickup will be the second week of June!

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