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8/9/2017: Le Center LeaderGrand Opening for new mountain bike trail

5/16/2017: Lonsdale News ReviewTCU Students learn about bluebird conservation at Ney Nature Center

5/12/2017: Le Sueur News-HearaldNature Center to host summer senior learning series

4/11/2017: Le Sueur News-HearaldNature journaling lesson at Ney talks trees, birds and more

4/11/2017: St. Peter HeraldSt. Peter students find maple syrup is worth the work

3/24/2017: Le Center LeaderNey Nature Center’s 10th annual Spring Fling comes to Le Center

12/27/2016: Le Sueur News-HeraldCattails and corndogs, Ney Nature Center hosts Eco-Explorer Day

12/22/2016: Le Sueur News-Herald–Ney Nature Center upcoming programs for January

12/20/2016: Le Sueur News-Herald–Counters look for birds at Ney Nature Center

12/17/2016: Mankato Free Press–Snow, followed by bitter temps didn’t keep everyone inside

12/17/2016: KEYC Mankato–Nature Center Hosts Christmas Bird Count

12/13/2016: Mankato Free PressChristmas count weather will be for the birds

11/29/2016: Le Sueur News-HeraldNey Nature Center to host bird watching event

11/28/2016: Le Sueur News-HeraldHelp count birds in Ney Center’s annual Christmas Bird Count

10/22/2016: Le Sueur News-HeraldNey Center plans several events in November

10/7/2016: Le Sueur News-HeraldNey Center’s new offering: Nature Craft Night

10/5/2016: Le Center LeaderLS-H boys and girls XC race together at Ney Nature Center, place second as one team

10/5/2016: Le Center LeaderTCU boys and girls XC teams combined to take first place at Ney Nature Center

10/4/2016: Le Sueur News-HeraldBuzzing into a new school year at Hilltop

8/26/2016: Le Sueur News-HeraldArt exhibit highlights historic ties to Le Sueur’s Mayo House

8/19/2016: KEYC News 12 MankatoPollinator Day Camp Teaches Kids Importance of Pollination

6/6/2016: Le Sueur News-HeraldNey Nature Center promotes trails, nature’s wonders

5/28/2016: KEYC News 12 MankatoW.W. Mayo House Hosts Themed Tours

5/16/2016: MPR News, Tom WeberRevisiting the deformed frogs of Ney Pond

4/28/2016: Le Sueur News-Herald–Henderson Hw. 19 bridge detour starts May 2

4/24/2016: Le Sueur News-Herald–Ney Center growth brings programs, attention to Le Sueur County park

4/22/2016: KEYC News 12 Mankato–Moving brush and earth for senior project creating mountain bike trails

3/19/2016: Le Sueur News-Herald–Gallery: Minnesota Zoomobile hits road to Ney Center

3/5/2016: Mankato Free Press–Ney Nature Center taps into community interest in maple syrup

3/5/2016: KEYC News 12 Mankato–Maple syrup tap off

3/5/2016: WCCO TV CBS Minnesota–Tap your own maple syrup!

2/18/2016: Le Center Leader–Visitors warmed during Candlelight Ski at Ney Nature Center despite bitter cold

2/11/2016: Le Sueur News-Herald–Sustainable harvest comes to Ney Nature Center’s prairie

1/6/2016: CERTs–CERTs announces Seed Grant funding for clean energy projects across Minnesota

Press Releases

11/22/2016: Help count birds for science during Ney Nature Center’s 20th annual Christmas Bird Count

4/28/2016: Ney Nature Center remains open during Hwy 19 road construction

4/20/3016: Ney Nature Center holds 9th annual Spring Fling Benefit Dinner & Fundraiser

3/24/2016: Ney Nature Center hosts member’s only Zoomobile event

3/10/2016: Ney Nature Center kicks off its 2016 maple syrup season

2/16/2016: Visitors warmed during candlelight ski at Ney Nature Center despite bitter cold