Ney Nature Center Geocaching Policy

  • Geocaching is allowed and encouraged within the Ney Nature Center (NNC).
  • Geocaches may only be placed with permission from the Ney Nature Center and a picture of the cache must be sent to the NNC office (digitally or printed.) Sometimes non-geocachers bring in caches and a picture allows us to identify the cache for replacement.
  • Individuals placing the caches are responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and removing caches when archived.
  • Geocaches must have appropriate names relating to MN Natural History, MN Flora and Fauna, or MN Cultural History as it pertains to the Ney Nature Center.
  • Geocaches must follow all rules as set forth by and be registered with
  • Placement of geocaches is restricted to within 25 feet of a trail.
  • Placement of geocaches cannot be within 15 feet of a building.
  • Geocaches cannot be buried or permanently attached to park features, buildings, signage or flora.
  • There is no maximum limit to the number of geocaches placed within the Ney Nature Center however, only three caches can be placed in the park by any one individual.
  • Geocaches are not to contain items that are offensive, dangerous, or illegal.
  • Geocaching, finding or placing a cache, must be done during hours of Park operation, following designated trail use, and following park guidelines.
  • Ney Nature Center has the right to remove a cache if in an inappropriate location, negatively impacting the flora & fauna, if it did not receive permission to be placed, or doesn’t follow the above rules.

Adopted May 2011 by NEEF Board of Directors
Reviewed and Modified February 20, 2016 by Policy Committee
Reviewed and Modified March 10, 2016 by NNC Board of Directors