Native Pollinator Tree Sale 2024

Support the Ney Nature Center and encourage pollinators to your yard!

In the past, we have sold prairie plants; this year, we will be selling trees as a fundraiser for Ney Nature Center! The sale will start April 8th and run through April 19th or while supplies last. We are expected to receive our shipment of trees on April 20th. Around that time, an email with pick-up instructions and availability will be sent out, so please double-check your email when you pay!

This is the fourth year we have held this fundraiser. It aims to raise awareness about pollinators and their favorite plants and trees while helping Ney raise money for programs, equipment, invasive species control, and more.

There are several benefits of planting native pollinator plants & trees in your yard for the environment, pollinators, and you! Pollination and pollinators are crucial to increasing biodiversity, clean air, water, and soil. In addition to those, they also help provide several products and materials such as medicinal plants, food plants, oils, fats, and more. Some pollinators in Minnesota include native bees, butterflies, moths, and beetles. Pollination can also occur due to wind or water carrying pollen from the anther to the stigma of flowers. Due to habitat loss, non-native species, pollution, and climate change, pollinators need our help more than ever. Support the Ney Nature Center and encourage pollinators in your yard!

Pollinator Fruit Trees for Sale 2024

$15 per tree for Ney members
$20 per tree for the general public

Find more information on each tree below!