Le Sueur County Ordinance Governing Parks
(Passed & Approved by Le Sueur County Commissioners on August 25, 2020)
View the official Copy of Le Sueur County Parks Ordinance Governing Parks.

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Chapter 2, Section 4:Photography

  • a. Photographers that are taking photos at any Le Sueur County Park for a fee or for-profit must obtain an annual designated Photographer Level Membership from Ney Nature Center.
    • a. Photographers must contact Ney Nature Center at least one business day in advance of their photoshoot within any Le Sueur County Park.
    • b. Ney Nature Center or Parks Director has the right to deny photography based on daily park programs, events, or similar activities.
  • b. Photographers that are taking pictures for their personal use and not for profit are allowed to take pictures within any Le Sueur County Parks.
  • c. For weddings that are held within a Le Sueur County Park, photographers may take photos without an annual membership.
    • a. For weddings held at another location, but photos taking place within a Le Sueur County Park, photographers must have an annual membership.
  • d. Photographers must keep half of the trail or pathway clear for unobstructed use by other park guests.
  • e. Photographers cannot verbally, physically, or in any other way block, remove or ban any park visitor from any area of a park or park facility open to the public.
  • f. Photographers may not remove, damage, cut, mow, trim, paint, tie/nail, attach an object to, or in any way alter any plant, tree, or other forms of vegetation, park equipment, or facility.
  • g. Photographers cannot enter any building, facility, area, or property that may be under construction, locked, fenced, gated, or closed to the public.

Blackout Days

These are days and times we know are booked and permission for a photoshoot will not be granted.

Ney Nature Center

  • Saturday, September 17th: All-day
  • Tuesday, October 4th: 2-7pm

Submit Photo Shoot Request for any Le Sueur County Park

Please note that once you have submitted your form, you will receive an email confirmation that the request is submitted, this is not permission granted, just a confirmation your request has been submitted.  If you do not receive that email you may have entered your email address incorrectly. Ney Staff will review your request and send a determining email.

Submit a Photo Shoot Request

Thank you for thinking of the Le Sueur County Parks system for your photography session(s)! Our submission forms are not currently available and we are working on getting them running again. We apologize for any inconvenience. In the meantime, please submit the following information by email ( or by phone number (507-357-8580).

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